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Soft Contents Cleaning Using the ESPORTA® Wash System


As a Certified Esporta® Operator, Burke Emergency Restoration now has the ability to restore over 90% of the soft contents in a home, and over 85% of the soft contents that were previously considered non-restorable (and thrown away when using traditional cleaning methods used by restoration dry cleaners). As an Esporta® Certified Operator, Burke ER can now restore the following types of damage and contamination from textiles including:

  • Category 1, 2 & 3 water damage, including sewage
  • Heavy smoke and soot
  • Mold and other biological hazards
  • Odor and other more common organic and inorganic contamination
Third-party independent lab testing has confirmed that the Esporta® Wash System restored contaminated items to FOOD GRADE CLEAN by removing over 99% of contaminants.

What Can be restored in the Esporta® Wash System?

  • Leather goods including shoes, purses and jackets
  • Laundry including wash and fold
  • Household  goods including sleeping bags, pillows, comforters and stuffed animals
  • Sporting goods: Uniforms, helmets, pads, safety masks, cleats, ski boots, skates

The Esporta® Difference

The Esporta® patented and proprietary technology is the most effective washing solution available today, and arguably one of the most significant breakthroughs in cleaning technology in the past 76 years. Items are held stationary in a steel cage and passed through detergent-laden water. The combination of the patented hydraulic action and the proprietary, environmentally safe detergents result in the removal of over 99% of the organic and inorganic contaminants. Laboratory results indicate that this process is 5 times more effective than traditional laundering

Benefits of the Esporta® Wash System

Using the Esporta® Wash System,  policyholders benefit from:

  • 24-hour turnaround time on emergency items
  • Recover of sentimental items
  • Simpler and faster claim settlement
  • Satisfaction guarantee
Insurance companies benefit from significantly reduced claim settlement costs. Esporta® Certified Operators  have saved insurance companies tens of millions of dollars in settlement costs on tens of  thousands of claims.

Restoring what you Value

When water damage, fire or smoke or mold strikes your property, Burke ER has the tools to restore articles of value- including the priceless and sentimental. We understand that these items are more than just “things” and often represent cherished memories and experiences.

Using the Esporta® system the time has come to restore, not replace!


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