Eliminating Odor after a House Fire

Eliminating Odor After a Fire A property emergency like a fire or water loss can leave your home or place of business with offensive lingering odors. Smoke odor is particularly stubborn, as is the musty smell of mold or mildew. Industrial accidents involving chemical spills or biohazardous waste can produce noxious odors that can be […]

Water Loss? What you Need to Know!

Water Loss? What You Need to Know! If you’re a property owner that has sustained a water damage loss, the following questions and answers  may be useful when navigating through the cleanup process: Q: WHAT EFFECTS WILL WATER DAMAGE HAVE ON MY HOME? Direct water contact will cause immediate damage to many materials in your […]

Spring Flooding

Spring Flooding As we head into spring, thoughts of burst pipes and ice dams will fade away, but all may not be sunny and dry.  This spring you need to be aware of flooding caused by heavy rains and rapid snow melt.  Water can enter our homes in several ways: surface water can flow over […]

What is an Ice Dam?

  The winter season means we need to be aware of ice dams. So what exactly is an ice dam? An ice dam occurs when snow accumulates on a roof and a cycle of melting and refreezing occurs. Two factors, besides snow, significantly contribute to the formation of ice dams: the outside air temperature and the temperature […]