Mold and water damage create headaches for New Hampshire homeowners

Spring’s warmer temperatures coupled with the wet, snowy conditions we experienced in New Hampshire this past winter have created an ideal breeding ground for mold and other types of property damage. Mold spores are literally everywhere and usually cause no concern. However, when the conditions are right, mold can begin to grow inside a home or other structure and become a serious health concern. Water is the most likely cause of damage to property across New Hampshire. It includes everything from overflowing sinks, to leaky or broken pipes, to drain or sewer backups to over-ground flooding from heavy rains or river/coastal flooding. In all cases, water damage requires immediate remediation or it will result in mold growth. Complete drying is necessary since any residual moisture will result in mold growth.

New Hampshire is experiencing a higher than normal amount of inquiries about mold, particularly among real estate professionals. John T. Burke, Owner of Burke Emergency Restoration in Manchester, New Hampshire: “We are fielding a higher than usual number of inquiries about mold this spring. We go out to the property and assess the damage,and when necessary conduct an air test to determine the type of mold that we are dealing with.” Realtors in particular cannot sell homes with mold damage and must have the mold removed before the sale can proceed. Once identified, the remediation process can begin. This can involve sanding, dry-ice blasting, hepa vacuuming and other cleaning techniques. Finally, an antimicrobial sealant is applied to ensure that the mold will not reoccur.

If a homeowner does discover mold, the first step is to find and eliminate the water source. If the affected area is less than 10 square feet the mold can be cleaned with a detergent solution and all materials must be thoroughly dried. If the area is larger than 10 square feet consider calling a professional mold remediation company likeBurke Emergency Restoration. Burke ER professionals are trained and certified in mold, water and fire restoration and use state-of-the-art remediation techniques to ensure the health and safety of your home.

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