Hoarding: A Dirty Little Secret

For those who hoard, the quantity of their collected items sets them apart from other people. Commonly hoarded items may include newspapers, magazines paper and plastic bags, cardboard boxes, photos, household supplies, food and clothing. Hoarding can be related to compulsive buying, the acquisition of free items, or the compulsive search for perfect or unique items.

Symptoms and Behavior

• Inability to discard possessions
• Severe anxiety when attempting to discard items
• Difficulty categorizing or organizing possessions
• Indecision about what to keep or where to put things
• Distress or feeling overwhelmed by possessions
• Suspicion of other people touching possessions
• Obsessive thoughts and actions: fear of running out of an item or of needing it in the future. Checking trash for accidentally discarded objects
• Loss of living space, social isolation, family or marital discord, financial difficulties, health hazards.

Reasons for Hoarding
Hoarding is a disorder that may be present on its own or as a symptom of another disorder such as obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, hyperactivity disorder or depression.

Dangers of Hoarding

A lack of functional living space is common among hoarders who often live in unsanitary or dangerous conditions. Hoarders often live with broken appliances/plumbing and without heat. They learn to cope with malfunctioning systems rather than allow a qualified restoration company into their homes to fix the problem. Danger of hoarding include:

• Fire Hazards
• Mold growth
• Unsanitary air quality
• Insect/animal infestations
• Structural damage

If you are aware of a hoarding situation call the professionals at Burke Emergency Restoration. We have the expertise, resources, safety equipment and above all the compassion to handle the most difficult hoarding situation.

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