Contents Cleaning After a Property Loss

Property losses where contents are affected can be devastating. Personal possessions carry sentimental value that is irreplaceable.  At Burke Emergency Restoration we understand this and do our best to save and preserve as many of your contents as possible. We can help you assess the damage to your contents and put together a restoration plan to help get you back to pre-loss condition.  This can include working with partners that have expertise in dealing with art, electronics, furniture restoration, document/photo restoration and restoration dry-cleaning for clothing.

Common Types of Damage:


Water losses are the most common type of property damage.  Water can come from an internal source, such as a leaking water heater or overflowing toilet.  Water can also come from an external source, such as flooding or roof leaks.  The cleanliness of the water, the general environment and the exposure time will impact your contents and their ability to be restored.


Fires may cause direct damage by heat and combustion.  For the most part, contents directly damaged by fire will be cataloged and discarded. Burke ER will evaluate the contents in every room to determine whether they need to be replaced or can be successfully restored to pre-loss condition. Cost, sentimental value, and antique/historical value are all considerations. In many cases, if items have not been damaged directly the fire or by excessive heat they do not need to be discarded and be restored using our environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

 Smoke & Soot

Smoke and soot damage can be the result of a fire in your property, a furnace malfunction or an external source such as a neighbor’s fire.  The type of contamination (what burned) and the environment at the time of contamination will impact the extent of damage to your contents and the ability to restore them. Smoke/soot particles are the product of Incomplete Combustion. These can be carcinogenic and should be considered dangerous.  Soot can also start to degrade contents within just a few days by chemical reactions that take place on deposited surfaces. Time is not your friend, so dealing with soot promptly is essential to minimizing content damage. Ventilation and air filtration are used during the on-site restoration to minimize recontamination and maintain a healthy environment.


Treating Hard Goods (Furniture, knick-knacks, documents, artwork)

Hard goods are restored on-site or at our facility.  Contents may need to be stored off-site during the restoration process.  Restored contents are returned to the property once the restoration process is complete. Documents or photographs affected by water can be scanned or reproduced.  High-value art work can be sent to specialized art conservatories for restoration.

Treating Soft Goods (Bedding, clothing, draperies)

Soft goods will be taken to a specialized restoration dry cleaning or laundry facility for processing. Remaining items will be sorted based on the ability to be restored. Careful records are kept of all discarded items for later consideration for compensation by the insurance company.

With restorable items we may decide conditions in the home are severe enough to warrant removing the smoke/ soot damaged items to a controlled environment outside of the home for cleaning. This process is referred to as a “pack out.” If this is done, careful records must be kept for items taken, location of the items, and condition of the items when removed. Inventory lists are kept on stored items. In other circumstances, we may determine that conditions allow for cleaning and storing the contents within the home or in a rented on-site storage pod.

 Treating Electronics (computers, audio equipment, and televisions)

Burke ER sends all electronic equipment out to an electronic restoration specialist. In most cases, provided the damage is not too extensive, electronic equipment can be restored to full function.

Whether it’s water damage, fire & smoke, mold or bio hazard cleanup you can rely on the professionals at Burke Emergency Restoration. We bring damaged properties back to life.™

Burke Emergency Restoration services Belknap, Merrimack, Strafford, Hillsborough and Rockingham Counties in New Hampshire. We also service northeastern Massachusetts and York county Maine.



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